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Hello Sunshine!

62. “Man can believe the impossible, but can never believe the improbable.” ― Oscar Wilde

Esther; 20. Singaporean, Cat lover.

First two: because my critical hits awesome like that. Next two: got K.O-ed by 小强 right in the next level hahahahaha
#xfighting #ゲム

Blogged! Daisy in photo from @gordonjunhui on our second anni because he remembers I prefer daisies (but the shop didn’t have white ones). Flowers are useless but receiving one makes me happyyyyy -dances- (at

Ten years from now I would look back and tell my class how much of a terrible student I was, but how much I made the most from my decisions, regretted little, and (hopefully) became the person and teacher that I had wanted to be. And here’s a pretty frappucino for your admiration.